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People working with files over 3.5 Go in Photoshop might have noticed that the application tends to pause regularly for a few seconds, just because of their sheer size. This clever little extension recently added by Adobe makes sure that your copy of Photoshop uses your hard drive and not your live memory to support such files. This should rid you of any slowdowns when working with 3.5+ Go files.

The plugin is simple to set up, but make sure you have the latest version of Photoshop, CS3, to run it. Adobe Photoshop CS3 VM Buffering Optional Extensions won't run on other versions. If you work a lot with large files, we also suggest you check your RAM and add some more, just to make sure your Mac has enough firepower to handle them.

A useful Photoshop plugin to have if you work with 3.5Go+ files.

You can choose for Adobe® Photoshop® to disable or force VM Buffering via two optional plug-ins.

If you use very large documents and have no problems with pauses during painting, you should install the Force VM Buffering plug-in. If you do not use very large documents or have problems with pauses during painting, we recommend that you install the Disable VM Buffering plug-in.

Please see the VM Buffering Optional Extensions ReadMe file before installing for more information.


  • Easy to install


  • Works only with CS3

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